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Christmas with the Dark Lord

2010-12-17 06:44:55 by Lashmush

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Aren't we all dreaming of unrelenting lunatic horrors from below?

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Serious business.

I hope you guys get coal for christmas.

Let the growling begin!

2010-11-25 07:48:01 by Lashmush

I now have all the necessary equipment right here at home to record vocals and an example of this is:

Burn - A brutal deathmetal track for the album I'm working on.

I've almost finished composing the 12th track for the album which is a remake of "Bleed For Me" from Antidestiny. The 13th and final track will be 100% original.

Here's a completely unrelated japanese animation about a little guy who has mastered the art of excessive pooping.

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Order of Omega: The end has begun.

2010-10-30 11:21:55 by Lashmush

For those of you who have not followed the progress of my latest endeavors in the record label world, I am currently signed with 5line Records as a trial artist. This basically means 5line likes me, but wants to be able to kick my ass to the curb at any given moment just so I'm motivated to perform at 193% exactly. If I perform at 194% they will kill my family with pitchforks and bury me alive beneath their corpses.

5line does not fuck around. :3

Anyway, "Order of Omega" is the name of the band I have assembled that will (at first) perform my material, but then incorporate ideas and concepts from all members.

The line-up is as follows:

Lead Vocals: Rasmus "Lashmush" Sorber (Me.)
Lead/Rythm Guitar: Dennis "Dimoria" Eriksson (Not me.)
Lead/Rythm Guitar: David "K√łnditorn" Ringholm Heder (Not me either.)
Bass Guitar: Nikolaj "Algaroth" Sorber (almost Me.)

Drums & Percussion: Emil "Dunno his lastname" McWutsisfaic (Srsly, I don't know his last name.)

Now the drummer, Emil, isn't 100% committed yet, but my metal magnificence attracts metalheads like starving flies to a steaming new pile of shit so its basically "Your mind isnt sure, but your body wants me so bad it hurts."

Now, on to the music itself. Roughly 75% of the debut album (Legion) is completed and uploaded, but thats composition wise. I've only managed to record vocals for two tracks yet. Namely:

Cry For Mercy (Intro Track)
Legion (Title Track)

The rest are instrumentals and are the following:

Electric Cathedral
Gore Addiction
Chorus Diaboli

Now all of these tracks will be remastered and a few additions may be implemented such as guitarsolos courtesy of Dennis and David. Ofcourse all tracks will contain vocals by me, but also from backing vocals Nikolaj and Dennis, if not on the album, then during live performances.

And yes, we will be raping your hometown eventually.

There will be three more tracks for the album, two of them being remakes/sequels to Ocean aswell as Radiance.

The third and final track is still a secret. If you give me a blowjob I might tell you how secret it is. Woman or not, a dick in a mouth is a dick in a mouth.

Now, in other news, I've done a few other tracks that may be interesting but you probably wont read this far and in case you actually did, you dont really care because you're a horrible, horrible person so heres a picture of two pandabears getting it on. It's really no wonder why these animals are going fucking extinct when they both look god damn identical and copulation is a display of grunting emos and saggy potbellies.

Pandas can go fuck themselves. (Pun sincerely intended.)

Order of Omega: The end has begun.

5line Records, Legion and Order of Omega

2010-10-09 17:18:34 by Lashmush

So there I was, on the bathroom with a laptop I stole from some hipster girl who, before I repossessed her machine as mine, tried to claim something about chauvinism and its connection to whale hunting. Needless to say, I punched her repeatedly. She cried. I told her that this is what I would do to a man in this scenario, so she should be happy feminism is working out so well.

While purging my bowels and discussing religion on an obscure forum (I like to multitask activities that have metaphorical relationships) I was surprised to see that my Inbox on Newgrounds had a single message. It read as follows:

"Greetings, future drone of the great Syndicate. You have been selected to join our label in the perpetuation of music that shall be the melodies to which we enslave the sheep of this world. Do not attempt to resist in any way. It is futile. You will be assimilated.

We have dispatched our gatherers who should be arriving shortly. Do not worry yourself concerning your possessions. You will only be allowed sufficient air and sustenance to craft one album after which you will be summarily terminated and incinerated.

Thank you and have a pleasant shit, Mr. Sorber." to which I subsequently shit myself. Luckily I was allready in the process of taking a dump so this was simple two bricks at once, once rolling down the fast lane past the slower one.

I promptly wiped myself with that brutalized girls laptop, threw it in the can and flushed. This didn't actually do anything in particular, but somehow felt very satisfying to me.

I then went out of my bathroom to see two indistinguishable men looking down at me through their shades floating nicely in front of vague faces at 7'2".

"We need you to come with us, ass-hat." they told me in a very monotone and bureaucratic manner.

"What did you just call me?"

"Asset. Please, this way." They responded.

I decided that I had two options: I could either come with them voluntarily and maybe get viciously beaten in a cellar, or resist, get viciously beaten in my home, then while unconscious, be dragged to a cellar, woken up, and subsequently viciously beaten once more.

"Fine." I responded. They beat me.

"Why are you beating me?!" I cried out. "I'm not resisting!" trying the best I could to hide my yelping, girlish voice as the battery of salmon slaps and nipple twists started to break my psyche.

"You made light of explosive diarrhea in one of your songs. My father died that way!" one of them burst out while smacking me with something that seemed like a hard, plastic plate.

"What?! I never made-- oooooh..." I thought to myself as I suddenly realized that I'm an astoundingly juvenile person.

"Wait, your father died from explosive diarrhea?" I asked, trying to picture how this would be possible. Perhaps I was not giving explosive enough emphasis, but a realistic scenario to build up to such an event eluded me.

I also realized that I was being beaten with the laptop I earlier used as some bizarre make-shift toilet paper. I did my best remembering to punch that hipster again.

I awoke to find myself in my own bed, with nothing but a letter and a laptop in my ass.

I shut down the laptop and removed it from my ass, then opened the letter.

"You used the computing appliance as bathroom etiquette. You are now a signed artist of 5line Records."

I immediately went downstairs and into the kitchen, fried up some bacon and eggs, unleashed myself upon them with furious energy and focused hard.

Then I realized why being signed by a record label is such a mysterious event and my mind was blown. So were my underwear.

Legion tracks uploaded so far:

Cry For Mercy (with Vocals)
Legion (Instrumental)
Boomstick (Instrumental)
Burn (Instrumental)
Terminal (Instrumental)
Chorus Diaboli (Instrumental)

A little over 21 minutes so I'm over the halfway mark, at least.

Legion will be my first actual, legit, commercially available album. It will be performed live by the band I'm currently assembling. We're only one member short of beginning rehearsal. (2nd Guitarist)

The band will be known as "Order of Omega" and you will do well to keep a lookout for it since part of my future material will be released under that title. The members right now are:

Rasmus "Lashmush" Sorber - Vocals, lyrics, songwriting, composing, production.
Dennis "Dimoria" Eriksson - Lead/Rythm guitar and studio recording.
Nikolaj "Algaroth" Sorber - Bass-guitar

We have a drummer considering joining that can blast beat at 240 BPM which is rediculously fast no matter how you slice it.

In any case, there will be more recording during this coming week and hopefully we can manage two songs this time. Legion and Burn.

In unrelated news, I've made another Hybrid song as well as remastered the third. The Hybrid songs are my medleys of different themes. Video-game or movie songs so far, but they have a common foundation for being connected into a Hybrid track. For instance, Hybrid II's tracks all have in common their sources excessive brutal nature.

Hybrid III (Remaster) - F-Zero, Mega Man 2, Castlevania 2, Castlevania SotN, Mega Man X.

Hybrid IV - Eight movie soundtracks combined into one. Includes such movies as Lord of the Rings, Saw, Pirates of the Caribbean, and so forth.

I suppose that's all for now.

P.S. Remember to punch hipsters on sight so they learn to stop being hipsters and get a real fucking computer instead of those ridiculous laptops.

A lovestory

2010-09-15 19:08:08 by Lashmush

"If you would stay, I would show you true love

If you could stay, we'd fly high and above

and If you had stayed, I would grant your desires

but you won't stay, so I'll light you on fire.

and piss on your screaming remains

after i skullstomp your brains.

They say I'm quite insane.

Your friends who still remain.

That is, until I break out again."



Also, some new tracks I've made:

Enter the Unreal | Psytrance remix of the track "Lock" from Unreal Tournament.
Legion | Titletrack for my upcoming album.
The Dancing Dead | Metal remix of the themesong from a swedish childrens show called "Ika i Rutan".
Sacrifice | Bomberman Hero remix request on
All A Man Can Do | Extreme hardcore track I made after a quite painful breakup with my girlfriend.
Eulogical | Dark Industrial Hardcore
Smackdown | Deathmetal remix of the track "Danger" from Secret of Mana. (Bossfight music)

That's about it.

Oh yeah, almost forgot...

"REDEEMED" - Unreal Tournament '99 Soundtrack Remix Project

2010-08-30 23:19:35 by Lashmush

REDEEMED is a simple remix project. Pick a track and remix it in any genre you wish. There are a few things to keep in mind but nothing excessive.

1. Your remix must reflect the original. (Duh.)
2. The remix must be at least 2 minutes and at most 8 minutes long.
3. Two tracks maximum per contributing artist.
4. Crossover remixes of multiple tracks are not allowed.
5. Collaborations on a single track are allowed and encouraged.
- Burn7 has offered his guitarskills to anyone interested.
6. Samples from the games sound or music are not allowed.

That's all really. Upload a WIP to mediafire or similair file storage site. You can also mail it directly to me.

Track Title - Remixer(s) [ Completionstatus ]
Original Composer(s)

Michiel van den Bos

Michiel van den Bos

Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Michiel van den Bos

The Course
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Room of Champions
Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos

Ending - Lashmush
Alexander Brandon

Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Fire Breath
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Foregone Destruction
Michiel van den Bos

Go Down - Burn7
Alexander Brandon

Lock - Lashmush [ COMPLETED ]
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Mechanism Eight
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Mission Landing
Alexander Brandon

Nether Animal
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Alexander Brandon

Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos

Razorback / Unreal mix
Peter Hajba

Run - La-yinn
Michiel van den Bos

Save Me
Alexander Brandon

Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Seeker 2
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Skyward Fire
Michiel van den Bos

Into the darkness
Alexander Brandon

Alexander Brandon

Underworld II
Alexander Brandon

Unreal Tournament Menu
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Unreal Tournament Unreleased Title
Michiel van den Bos

Unreal Tournament Title
Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Peter Hajba and Andrew Sega

Three Wheels Turning
Alexander Brandon

More info will be added soon enough. For now, refer to the Sign-up thread in the audioforums for any questions, etc.

Ultima Eternus completed.

2010-08-25 07:37:13 by Lashmush

Ultima Eternus

Listen to all parts at maximum MP3 quality and unsegmented here.

Download all parts here @ 320 kbps MP3

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV - A
Part IV - B

Part V - A
Part V - B
Part V - C

So, Ultima Eternus is done and totaling at around 65 minutes or so. Lots of blood, sweat and tears there.

I'll end this post with a mail I wrote to Silvino Navarro about where my inspiration for it came from but first some projects that I've finished and that I'm currently working on.

Cry for Mercy (Instrumental) - Intro Track for my album

Hyperbird (Surfin' Bird Remix) - Originally "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen.

Light's Out (Link's Awakening) - Extended and remastered.

Hybrid II (Extended) - Remastered aswell.

For now, I don't think there's anything more on the table. I'm working on the album "Legion" and hope to have an EP finished sometime in September.

Here's the long letter: (tl;dr Bawww)

First off, the original song which Ultima Eternus is based upon is "Evighetens Palats", swedish for "Eternitys Palace". I made it in 2002 and it was very well received by my friends, even to such a degree that they decided our band at the time would play it. This never happened though due to the high skill requirements of the synths and the intense speed at which the song would need to be played. Regardless, we played parts of it at slower tempos in our basement sessions.

Now, in 2003 my sister committed suicide and after this, my music started to darken alot in themes. Still, this was very poor quality music in terms of the virtual instruments I had at my disposal. I did however create four sequels to Evighetens Palats.

In 2004 my father, Gordon Sorber, was diagnosed with prostatecancer, and in July 2008 he died. These four years were hard for me and not long before his death I went into a manic psychosis. During this episode, Ultima Eternus part I and II were composed.

I was placed in a closed psychiatric ward for 3 weeks and got the diagnosis "Schizo-Affective syndrome" which was quite a blow. It took me a rough seven months to get back into my music and once there, Ultima Eternus part III was born. This was in 2009.

Later on I was once again locked up due to another manic psychosis. This time in relation to the conditions of my fathers last times in life, conditions which were not good. It's reported in his medical journal that at some point he was started on Haldol which is a completely irrelevant drug for any kind of treatment against cancer or pain thereof. It is possible this was in relation to him developing dementia or perhaps senility in old age and becoming increasingly restless, but when have you ever heard of an elderly man or woman with alzheimers, dementia or the likes being treated with Haldol, which is a soulcrippling drug whose effects are closely similair to those of a lobotomy, only not permanent.

Upon these realizations, I had such an immense outrage for what was done to him that I can only assume was what lead to my second psychosis.

Ultima Eternus part IV was born as a birthday gift to my girlfriend, Jennifer. Still channeling all the medically repressed emotions of the drugs to combat my psychotic episodes, I went with powermetal and cellos as recurring themes since these are both things that Jennifer enjoys. Part IV is probably the most lighthearted of the now five parts in the sense that is was made with love as a primary ingredient.

In August 2009, I went into psychiatric care due to a debilitating depression where it was found that i was in fact Bipolar, not schizo-affective, something that could be considered a bittersweet victory in my struggle to fight schizophrenia as my diagnosis.

Once back home, I was completely broken until maybe four months ago, when I started to mend myself by visiting friends, spending as much time as I possibly could with Jennifer, and most recently, getting back in my musical saddle, so to speak. I actively refused the medicines within a month after each of my three homecomings. I still do not medicate, even though it is recommended for bipolar patients to do so. I was given enough medicines while in these psychiatric wards and for my depression I was even given Electro-Convulsive Therapy. The only side-effects they mentioned were temporary short-term memory loss. Jennifer told me of the actual potential side-effects of it, which included permanent memory loss among other possibly worse ones. When I was home and receiving poly-clinical ECT treatments, I saw a swedish inquisitive special on the subject of ECT where several people had received it and in one case, a woman had forgotten five years of her life, including her education, along with her short term memory capabilities being virtually non-existent. Needless to say, I stopped my treatment.

Ultima Eternus part V was made as a remembrance of my old works (the first 16 minutes of the song are a quite comprehensive recreation of earlier works) and the final chapter of my psychological illness as I was declared mentally healthy a few months ago. Bipolar disorder is however a lifetime disorder, so the validity of such a claim is questionable at best.

All in all, Part V is the climactic finish to a couple of long, dark and brutal years of my life.

And I have to say, the person I was before all of this happened died successively with each psychotic and depressive episode. When you're told you're schizophrenic, which is basically saying that you are perceiving reality incorrectly you question reality itself. I was told that I was delusional and then after a year of thinking my mind was incorrect, suddenly I am bipolar, not schizophrenic.

Bittersweet. My foundation for reality was allready shattered, and try as one might, it cannot be identically reconstructed again. As Friedrich Nietzsche put it: "If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

So, essentially, that is the story behind Ultima Eternus. Though it was in no way an inspiration but rather a catalyst.

Now, I suppose I am doing allright. The only thing that bothers me is how numb I've become after all this. The only times I feel any emotions at all are when I'm with Jennifer. Other than that, nothing. I think that abyss Nietzsche was talking of might just be the depths of our own minds. Once you go there, theres really no turning back.

But I digress. All in all, I am doing better today than yesterday, and hopefully better tomorrow than today.

You are the herp to my derp, NG.

2010-08-10 16:08:31 by Lashmush

Words cannot describe how much NG has helped me out so I will completely change the subject.

Some finished works and projects I'm working on at the moment:

Dystopic Desires (Ambient / Metal)
Kratos Unleashed (God of War theme)
Power of Celtic (Shiva Shidapu cover)
Oh Noes (My very first and probably dumbest loop ever.
Lights Out (LoZ: Links Awakening)
Amazing Grace (John Newton cover)

Also, working on a track for an OCremix project. Dystopic Desires and Boomstick were both requested works for which I was actually paid. (zOMGLOL!)

Ultima Eternus Part V is DONE but Dimoria is working on replacing the sequenced guitarsolo with an ACTUAL guitarsolo.

Aaand lets see... Oh yeah, have to share this brilliant mashup by Zircon. Head over to his profile and send him a jolly PM!

/* */
Thats all for now. Go away.

What has been seen...

2010-07-26 09:51:02 by Lashmush

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Also, Ultima Eternus Part V demo is up.

Ultima Eternus part V

2010-07-03 08:12:08 by Lashmush /344783

So, yeah, I need feedback and suggestions on which of my older songs to recreate in it. I worked on it for 12 hours non-stop yesterday and its around 11 minutes now. The target duration is around 25 minutes.

Any suggestions, tips, complaints, sexual threats, etc would be much appreciated.

Also, heres some japanese shit.

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