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Nice work.

Though it wasn't very original story-wise, this was by far top-tier direction way above what one sees in high-end flash-productions.

The voice acting, score and sound-effects were very professionally applied too.

The animation could use some sharpening up both in terms of level of detail as well as motion but it was inspired by Madness after all.

All in all, loved it and hope to see more of your work in the future.


The madness feeling is strong here. You really got the true Krinkels style down, and I especially like your attention to detail regarding the areas hes in. That lock on the cabinet for instance added a sense of physics to the animation.

A great homage to the original series and it could honestly be a spin-off from the man himself.

Great work!

tomtyke responds:

not really a spin off, it's set in an entirely different world, i have actually changed the characters in the one im working on now, such as the leets to further emphasize this, i'm trying to do something new, not retread old territory


Your special effects work is incredible. Well done, good scenario, and the ending was superb.

You need to keep at this cause you can go places in animation with this kind of tenacity and skill.

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Decent work

fairly straightforward sidescroller. gotta say though, this is alot more reminiscent of The Great Giana Sisters (ironically a knockoff of mario itself.) The graphics feel like polished amiga stuff and the diamonds are almost identical to them.

Not saying this is bad though, the game comes out straight away as being a clone of Mario. All in all, fairly entertaining.

Excellent work!

The gameplay is solid and the whole thing just radiates Heroes of Might and Magic combat and Metroid exploration elements!

Have a couple of hours ready if you're getting into this!

Also, concerning killing the clown: You do not kill clown. Clown kills YOU!

good game

but the controls glitched up completely and it was like a 2 second lag with everything i did when there was alot going on. the hydraulic levels especially. maybe i should just not use starcraft APM in this...

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Excellent melodies and the progression is great! Love your effectwork and mixing too. Easy 5. c:

I like it. It's got a very nice mellow mood. However, it seems more english medieval with the harp leading the melody. If you can, get your hands on the EWQL Rare and Ethnic pack for some stellar folk and world virtual instrumentation.

Keep making music. You have a great ear for ensemble production. :3

Frequality responds:

Thanks for your support mate! :)

Very JRPG/Anime OST.

Loving the upbeat snare and adventurous mood here. I think we could do a great orchestral collab. Dueling banjos in concert, perhaps. c:

BlazingDragon responds:

I was very intentional about giving this a JRPG/Anime feel. A big part of that comes from syncopation in the strings and cross-rhythms in the melody.

I'm always up for a good collab, and I have been wanting to break more into the realm of Rock music. Let me know if you ever want to try it out!

Did you know Bela Fleck wrote a Banjo Concerto? o_o

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I love this for reasons I wish I could explain... Nevertheless, it looks very technological and Tron-ish. Great work. :3

Oh, the many feels of John Hurt. Watch his performance in The Elephant Man...

On the artwork side of things, Great palettework, facial detailing is stunning. Seems like there could be improvements made in the overall sharpness of the image but that's not always a necessity nor an improvement for the emotive mood.

4.5 because as awesome as this is, I can see that with the right hardware and time put in, you could up your game even further. :3

close to perfection :3

definitely love where you went with your concept but the kite-lines are way too sharp. perhaps blurring them a bit and adding some slight transparency would make it fit in more with the overall smooth look. also, the way the line is just in the middle of meat(kites?)boys face feels rushed. i'd have tied it to one of his teeth. :3

overall i think this is a pretty solid contender for the prize.

deathink responds:

HEHE you are correct, but I am way ahead of you... in the Hi- Res Version of this image the kite line is blurred, things are sharpened up and the kite string is in super meat kites mouth (although not tied to his teeth , but I think i will make it tied to his teeth now )... After the competition is over i will be uploading the hi_res version. The hi-res versions file size is ridiculously huge and I didn't want contest viewers to have to wait for it to load. There is a little more to this story but who cares, anyway thanks for the well thought out suggestion.

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