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2011-02-15 22:59:41 by Lashmush

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I openly accept donations to my PayPal account should anyone wish to support my musical endeavors.

I've had a few rather large sums for a single person to donate more than once and I have to urge you not to donate more than 10-15 EU (roughly 20 USD) unless you first contact me about it, either here on NG or through my email. (The same as the paypal account.) Seriously, donate only if its money you have no problem giving away. All the donations will go to buying more storage, new software licenses, better hardware, food and probably an excessive amount of caffeine and smokes. :3

If you wish to donate anonymously and also a larger sum than aforementioned, quickly making a hotmail or gmail account takes a few minutes and then you can simply fire away an email telling me of what sum you had in mind.


I do accept commission work and the pricing is quite simple:

10 EU / 13.5 USD - A track of up to 90 seconds.*

30 EU / 40 USD - A track of 3-4 minutes.*

100 EU / 135 USD - A track of 3-5 minutes.**

200 EU / 270 USD - 3 tracks of 3-5 minutes each (or a single of up to 15 minutes).**

50 EU / 67.5 USD - Full commercial rights to use any of my allready finished original works in commercial projects.

* (In your desired genre and either inspired or based upon any tracks you wish. Remixes of videogame, movie or other artists work will be strictly non-commercially licensed to you.)

** (In your desired genre and fully original work, commercially licensed to you for any work of yours that you hold your own rights to.)

Examples of earlier commision work requested:

Dystopic Desires - Dark, futuristic, rock, electronica, orchestral (Payment recieved)
Boomstick - Metal, movie-reference, birthday present, orchestral (Payment recieved)

For any commission work, the more referencing material (similar music, related artwork, etc) and specifics, details and information given will produce a better result. Payment is issued once the track is completed. During the WIP-phase (Work-In-Progress), I will send early renders a few times in order to make sure the track is heading in a direction you want. Once the track is finished however, payment is mandatory and a refund is as before indicated ONLY available during the WIP-phase.

Refusal to pay the requested sum of money after a track is completed will be considered fraud and will blacklist you from any future commission work as well as reported to the respective authorities in charge of these matters. This is not meant to discourage but the time and effort required to produce high quality tracks can be quite demanding.

The average time of completion for a single track of roughly 4 minutes is 3-6 working days. It will however take the time that is needed unless a deadline is specified.

In the future I will also be open to working full time on videogame or movie scores alone or with others. Details of such a contract would be discussed per project and will first be possible once Legion is completed in the near future.

All information, terms and pricing are subject to change.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order you can do so through a Newgrounds PM or by sending a mail to my Gmail account.


72,84 EUR -- Hitachi 3.5" SATA2 Hard Drive 1000GB 32MB Cache 7200RPM (Thanks!)


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2011-02-16 01:48:14

Yay :D Also those are real good prices right there.


2011-02-18 17:09:26

Order of Omega, my new favorite band! I'm telling all my friends about you, man! Fucking amazing album so far.


2011-02-19 13:00:40

Amazing band and music, it all is fucking epic!