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Ultima Eternus

2009-06-13 13:53:42 by Lashmush

I just recently finished Ultima Eternus part IV which can be found here on Newgrounds, split into two submissions due to its duration (13m 23s).

However, I've long been annoyed with the quality issues of my longer submissions here to Newgrounds and have released a stream/download alternative at Only at 128 kbps but Part IV is the complete song.

Here is all currently completed parts of Ultima Eternus in maximum MP3 quality. @ RapidShare

Here are the same songs as Newgrounds submissions (dramatically lower quality):

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV - A
Part IV - B

Have a listen and enjoy.

Also, as requested, here is the 2009 remaster of my album "Antidestiny". @ RapidShare

Thanks for all the support, Newgrounds. Only the fifth and final part left now. ;D

Heres a little list of applications, samples, VSTs, and other stuff used to create these.

Main Applications

Renoise 2
Adobe Audition 3

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Instruments and Effects

Native Instruments Absynth 3
Native Instruments Absynth 4
Native Instruments Akoustik Piano
Native Instruments Kontakt 2
Quantum Leap Stormdrum
East West / Quantum Leap Colossus (Goliath)
East West / Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
East West / Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold
Drum Kit From Hell 2
Quantum Leap Ra
reFX Vanguard
reFX Nexus
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Samples (WAV)

best kick.wav - Thanks to BMI for graciously donating this incredible kicksample.
Stingray Bass samplepack - Thanks to Y'golonac for this one.
Axeslash 2006 Summer Guitar Pack - Thanks to... wait for it... AXESLASH for recording this and Y'golonac for making it into Impulse Tracker Instrument files. Made it alot easier for me to recreate them as XRNI instrument files for Renoise.
VEC Sample Pack 1 and 2

Hmmm, I think that about covers it. Oh yeah, you also need quite a large amount of patience for this sort of music. I started with Ultima Eternus in early 2008 and I've been working with it on and off ever since.

It's Co-op time!

2009-05-04 16:28:57 by Lashmush

"You we're talking like a machinegun!" - Mother of Lashmush

Well, I've been apeshit insane twice now, with closed psych wards and other crazy people around me (not just psych staff, the patients too) and now I'm finally back to moderately nuts again.

So, straight down to business! (or severe rolfz to some, I imagine.)

First off, help me seed my latest torrent which is a complete remaster of Antidestiny (found below)

Second, it's nice to be back, Newgrounds.

Third, write lyrics, record them and throw em on one of my songs, then upload to Newgrounds. I'll collect links here, if theres any interest at all, that is.

This album is completely, 100% free to use in ANYTHING! Just give me credits. Yes, you can earn money spreading my music. Just keep me posted on what you plan to do, and I'll give my 2 cents about your idea(s).

Thanks for all the great support, NG! This is for you!

Antidestiny 2009 Remaster (MP3 VBR)

Ultima Eternus

2009-04-21 10:00:17 by Lashmush

Since I keep getting PM's about it, I'll reupload Ultima Eternus eventually to Newgrounds, though I suggest you check it out on aswell.

That is all, nothing to see here.

Move along.