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2011-02-21 22:14:13 by Lashmush

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Order of Omega is the band that will play and perform my current album project Legion, as well as future ones live. It will ideally consist of eight members though requires only 5 to play the music. The line-up would be:

Lead Vocalist*
Two Lead Guitarists*
One Rythm Guitarist
One bass-guitarist*
Two pianists
One drummer*

*Core requirement.

This is what the band would ideally look like but realistically this will be quite difficult to assemble.

I have interest from quite a few people regarding these positions but as of right now, the album must be finished and I will first dedicate time and energy to forming and rehearsing with a band once so.

Now about the album: Legion is the album that I've been working on since August of 2010. It's a metal album that encompasses quite a wide range of subgenres but is quite heavily aligned still.

It started off with my track "Boomstick" that hit the Newgrounds frontpage and got me scouted by 5Line Records. I started working on an album with intent to sign a contract with 5Line but differences arose and I parted ways with them.

The album is near completion with only vocals for a little over half tracks. Meanwhile, I thought I'd share the track order here just to give you glimpse of the completed product.

Uploaded tracks are NOT finals for the album. Mix and mastering tweaks will occur and the album itself is seamless between tracks.


01: Cry For Mercy
02: Phoenix
03: Fallout
04: Legion
05: Chorus Diaboli
06: Boomstick
07: Burn
08: Electric Cathedral
09: Terminal
10: Gore Addiction
11: Bleed For Me
12: Omnicide
13: Across The Sea Of Sand

This page will serve as a status page for the vocal completion of Legion. Any tracks that are linked will have vocals completed and will be fully streamable here on Newgrounds. Track order may change slightly over the course of this last phase of production but this is pretty much how it will look once its done.

Feel free to ask any questions here or by sending a me a PM.

Order of Omega / Legion


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