The epic metal journey continues with Mater Infinitum!

2013-06-13 20:54:24 by Lashmush

Hi, Newgrounds frontpage people.

I haven't posted in at least 100 years because I haven't really had much to say that couldn't just be said on any of the individual audio submissions I've been excreting upon the glorious (read: somewhat broken) Audio Portal.

I just finished and uploaded the first part of Mater Infinitum which is my sequel project to the popular and superduper successful Ultima Eternus. (! Obligatory applause !)

I've got nothing of actual worth to share apart from that so I will now give you this subpar haiku I just made up:

My name is Lashmush
I make some sweet-ass music
Give me your money

Also, heres my bad-ass new logo commissioned from ModBlackmoon.

The epic metal journey continues with Mater Infinitum!


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2013-06-14 19:57:10

Your survey entry: 24

Lashmush responds:

Ooh, thanks. c:


2013-06-15 22:15:59

Fuckin' nice to have another extreme metalhead aboard! Horns up!

\m/ \m/

Lashmush responds:

The metal extends life.
The metal expands consciousness.


2013-09-24 00:19:49

That logo is truly bad ass