Ultima Eternus is now free

2012-04-11 12:39:17 by Lashmush

Since the album only sold to a few handful of people, you can now pay whatever you want for it, from a thrilling 0 USD to a stunning kabillion rubles or whatever your local currency is.

A big thanks to everyone who paid full price for it! You can get it in 320 kbps MP3 or FLAC from lashmush.bandcamp.com so if you enjoy the thought of metal having sex with an orchestra then go get it.

In other news, I'm not dead and I'm still working on Legion, The White Void and Mater Infinitum.*



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2012-04-11 13:13:22

lol I just bought it on iTunes like a week and a half ago

Lashmush responds:

Aww snap, thanks! It will still hang around on itunes, amazon and other music stores online for the same prices since dealing with that would be too much of a bureaucratic mess but props to you for dishing out the full price.

Still, I went with the "name your price" option since in the end it matters more to me that people listen to and enjoy it. I guess I can hook you up with Legion when it's completed.


2012-04-13 11:30:08

That won't be necessary. I've been enjoying your music since 2007, it's about time I start giving back for all of the great tunes you produce.

Think of it as me buying you a beer for all that hard work haha

Lashmush responds:

More like a pizza but it was a most delicous pizza, I promise you.


2012-06-06 08:28:34

Been listening to this guy since I was a virgin. Great to see you back!

Lashmush responds:

It's implied here that this gentleman was a virgin, listened to my music and was subsequently not. I thoroughly enjoy this concept.


2012-08-24 17:06:05

Hey how have I not found your stuff sooner??
Just did via audio forum posting.
Awesome stuff man!

Lashmush responds:

Hey, thanks! Glad you enjoy it. :3


2012-10-24 19:30:48

I've only listen to bits a pieces of the songs and to be honest, not that bad! Although, I would give the songs more of a title that just Part I, Part II, etc. Also if you can find someone who's great on vocals, especially some growling, then I can definitely see a future in music for you, not saying you have to or anything, just a suggestion! Can't wait for more music by you!

Lashmush responds:

Ultima Eternus is the title of the song. Check out my Order of Omega tracks "Legion", "Electric Cathedral", "Chorus Diaboli" and so forth to hear my vocals. :3


2012-10-30 19:48:57

Just discovered you. This is some incredible stuff you have here. Faving and definitely coming back for more.

Lashmush responds:

Thanks, glad you like it! :3


2012-12-18 14:47:50

If only there was a girl like you...ahhhh :P
You sir have my love forever,and it's for you and some other guys that if i i know some girls the first thing i ask him while.....having fun.......is not "ARE YOU HORNY?!" but "DO YOU LIKE HEAVY METAL?!"
hehehehehe...i'm definetly not kidding XD
BTEW(By The Erotic Way)
you have talent dude,i will never get bored of telling ya!If i'd hear God playing with an electric guitar i'd say "IT'S BECAUSE OF SOME NG-EPIC-USER"
See ya on yor next submission here on Ng and maybe somewhere else!

Lashmush responds:

I'm glad you enjoy my work. c:


2013-01-13 21:37:31

Your music is so epic. I'm spending spare times right now to listen to all your posted music!

Lashmush responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it. c: